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<p><strong>Benefits for moderators:</strong></p>
<p><strong>Benefits for moderators:</strong></p>



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Our Benefits

Benefits for moderators:

  • FREE membership
  • Payment for creating articles. Compensation is provided via a separate cryptocoin*.
  • Bonus payments for the best and most active moderators. Bonus payments are based on the ranking and the number of articles created and edited.
  • Ranking of the biggest moderators on the home page
  • Good reputation for moderators
  • Part of the active community of Everything|Wiki
  • Additional payment for referred orders. If a customer books an item with us, we will pass these orders on to our moderators.
  • Moderators may offer article creation outside of Everything|Wiki as a service without permission.

General benefits for the whole community:

  • FREE membership
  • You can also park the coin on Everything|Wiki and earn profit. Thus, all coin holders will additionally participate in the platform's revenues for holding the coin.
  • With surplus revenue, Everything|Wiki will buy the distributed coins back from the market and will partially burn them to create a shortage of the coin, which will then keep the price stable or increase the value.
  • The faster you start, the more coins you get, because we pay higher for article creation in the beginning.

*All payments via Everything|Wiki will be paid in our cryptocoin. As long as there is no own coin, points are collected and are converted into coins later. Until the coin launch you get up to +20% more coins. Later, our coin can be converted to your desired currency on Exchanges.

Join now and get paid as a moderator in any language you like, or become a community member and get a share of the revenue.

[here to register]